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Out in september 2013 through:

Dead Chemists Records
Buried But Breathing Records
Eastrain Records
Aim Down Sight Records

250 copies in 10" Vinyl

Artwork by Moz/Officina Infernale

Logo by Brian D'agosta/Gostworks

Recorded,mixed and mastered at Moose Studio



released April 4, 2013



all rights reserved



Since 2012
Eat Shit or Die Trying

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Track Name: Fuck my Dreams
Yeah I still can't sleep
because my bed is on fire
I still don't like what i see around me
a lot of garbage still going around
I can't see much of the future
and I still really take this damn seriously
what am I here for? what am I here for?
This is wrong, but what you're gonna do to change it?
Track Name: Out of Step
There's too much shit in this world
I don't know where we're goin' to
but it doesn't mean that we're givin' up
for every piece of shit out there
there's a little guy taking a stand
fighting for something
something that matters for you
that matters for everybody
maybe you can't catch it
you fucking piece of shit
but it doesn't mean that he's wrong
maybe is just your sad close mentality
that makes your voice sound so stupid
I stand for what i believe in
and never scared of what you clowns say
I stand for what i believe
Track Name: Sink
I am pure fucking deasease
my mind ain't work properly
I used to try to omologate
but everytime it's a complete waste
of time strength and sanity
it seems that every attempt I made
has blended in somekind of shame
your faith represents an offence
to my rationality
Track Name: Dirt
Her head is exploding
too much dirt in her mind
years of thinking
glories seem past
happiness is just a memory
a survival mode has replaced
the old times life will
as a plant we all
finish our nourishment
it could last till the end
or just pass by
for shure it will stay in your mind
covering your back for the next shit
for the next shit that always happens
from the dirt we'll raise something
from the dirt we'll rise again
something that we'll rise again
Track Name: Calcutta
I am fucking confused
no surprise
everybody keeps asking me
what am I going to do
with my life
you should grow up
you should have a job
but i don't fuckin need
your boring life
I don't wanna be just a device
something operative
for something that I hate
Track Name: Nations
Bounds edges mind cages
that's what i figure
of your nation concept
so obsolete
fake and uneuseful
it's just an excuse of who is in charge
to force us to embrace a concept
that will lead to a common enemy
inducing fear of the unknown
what you need
is to open those barrels
to think with your own head
for a more ethical common sense
to break those cages
those chains that make us feel like slaves
no more as a passive weight in the scale pan
but to build your own balance
what makes you weight
is to steal that tongue
Becoming their doom
Twisting their will
Into blindness for real
Let them feel fear
Track Name: Alienation
To fit in your role
you adapt your personality
a life build on
false purpose and irrationality
You wake up in the night
nightmares persecute your sleep
you don't even try to fight
but at least you're used to it
If our actions are meaningless
why our lives
are marked by our failures?
There's a feeling of alienation
we can't just ignore
it makes our condition
of strangers in this whole world
trying to describe it
is a task words can't do
feel the discomfort
that sleeps inside of you